Finding Property in the UK

Comparison Shopping

Real estate buying is a major purchase that cannot to be forgotten once the purchase is made. But how do you know if a particular deal is a good deal? Your best bet to buy a property in the UK is to compare the potential deal with the done deals to determine values. Many times, real estate portals and magazines give these ideas and information. Better yet, a real estate agent can do a quick search on what properties were sold for what price in your area of interest. As an active potential buyer, you will have to constantly look for the market price. You should visit open houses and explore their conditions to know their potential as investment properties.

Finding the Best Locations in the UK


There are many different types of properties in the UK and all kinds of buyers, renters and neighborhoods. That means it is imperative for the buyer to gain experience and knowledge and begin focusing on one particular area. Keeping an open mind and analyzing each property is the best way to determine if the buying decision makes sense. Your analysis should include whether the property is visually appealing inside and out, whether the property is in acceptable distance from basic amenities like shopping, schools and your workplace and finally, whether the property has the option to negotiate price. Minimally, every home must have at least one kitchen and one bath. The smaller the dwelling, the higher the cost per square footage.


Gathering Your Own Information



Find A Property UK

Search UK Property

One of the easiest way to hunt properties in the UK is to gather information by identifying newspapers, magazines that serve your area of interest, real estate booklets distributed in those areas, television and radio stations that cover real estate topics, real estate agents and offices that serve the area, school districts located in your purchase area and municipalities located within the designated area.


It is time to take action after collecting this information. Go to open houses and try to meet different real estate agents. Perform a price survey within the neighborhood and make sure to double check the price from several issues of real estate magazines and online. It is critical that you stay informed about the community where you are going to make the purchase. Newspapers routinely cover school meetings, community improvement news, change of leadership, proposals of new developments and county meetings. It is important to pay attention to this news to get an idea of where the community is heading in the future. Any one of these factors can affect your property.


Finding Bargain Properties in the UK


Chances are, if you have been browsing a particular community on the internet for some time, you already know what community has great schools, better shopping, lower crime, more development and appreciation than the rest of the areas. You need to start paying close attention to the price details. Some will be great bargains, others are fairly priced. You job is to locate the best property for your needs.

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How To Buy Property in the UK

Step 1: Decide where you want to buy and what type of property you want to buy. List your requirements and the type of service you need on a regular basis. You and your family may get sick of the inconvenience, dust and noise living near a freeway or a busy city, so choose the property appropriately.


Step 2: Know your budget. In general, only you can decide on how you are going to fund your property. Most property purchase requires a huge down payment, so be ready to shell out the money upfront and any related fees as setup costs.


Buy Property UK

Buy Property UK


Step 3: Keep in touch with a good mortgage broker for financial advice. They do the math that makes sense when buying. There is no reason not to seek out their help.


Step 4: Find the perfect real estate investment that meets your goals. Search it through property portals covering the UK area and inspect them. Find a property solicitor to help you out with legal aspects of buying a property. Buying with a partner requires mutual agreement that will indicate the rights of each owner during the event of a dispute.


Step 5: Make an offer. You can make any offer you want. The offer you make will ultimately obligate you to a number of promises as well, so take note of them. You may be asked to make the earnest money deposit or pay the balance before the closing date. Know the terms and conditions.


Step 6: Approach the solicitor and ask him or her to act on your behalf for the rest of the process, like requesting title deeds from the seller.


Step 7: Once the purchase agreement has been accepted, both parties work toward closing the deal. Most purchase agreements include some form of report. Besides the homebuyers survey, average price in the area and the list of recent sales, you may want more from the seller. For example, you might ask the seller to purchase a home warranty. You may also want home appliances included in the purchase. You may also want warranty for the property structure from the seller. Know your limits here.


Step 8: The mortgage lender will also carry out the valuation of the property, the report of which is sent to your solicitor by you. Any fixtures, reduction in price, remodeling or renovations that are required will be discussed here.


Step 9: The buyer will pay a percentage of the entire purchase price. The solicitor of the buyer will finalize the contract and confirm the details with the mortgage lender. The solicitor will also prepare the transfer deed.


Finally, on the date of the closing, both parties sign legal documents, money is transferred to the seller, and possession of the property is passed from the seller to the buyer.

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Property Prices in the UK


Despite having an increase in the number of property sales being made, the property market notes that there has been a significant decrease in the number of demand. This is believed to be as a result of the poor growth of income among the potential homeowners as well as a nationwide poor economic growth. Regardless of all this, the property prices are not expected to go down anytime soon.


Due to the uncertainty and difficult economic crisis that the country is facing, the possibility of having the property prices increase is less likely, though it might be possible. However, a million people are expected to ‘move home’ before the end of the year. This is because apart from the Help to Buy Scheme, other lenders are coming up with innovative ways to help people buy property. Examples include the setting up of £12 billion of the tax funds to help underwrite £130 billion mortgages by the end of the year. Also, there has been an emergence of community lenders from 15 local authorities who have come together and started a scheme geared towards topping up the deposits made by first time property buyers. They have also made it available for residents to borrow money from the scheme with only a 5% deposit.


UK Property Prices

UK Property Prices

Several other lenders have come up with plans to revive the housing market, which has been gradually stagnating over the years. None of these moves are actually permanent since property prices may once again go up in 2014 and the years after. 2013 therefore appears to be the best year for an aspiring homeowner to take advantage of these opportunities in order for them to own property in the UK.


Judging from the trend showcased by the property market, it would be a great investment opportunity for an investor looking for a potential market to bet their money in. With more people desiring homes, and with much more lenders making it easier for potential homeowners to own property, this market would be ideal for a business opportunity. Moreover, it’s the only business venture that will always have more than enough demand.

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Learn How to Find Cheap Property in the UK


There are many resources to purchase a cheap UK property, and buying has surpassed renting as the most economical course of action. This is for a number of reasons. For one thing, the number of new buyers that enter the market is continuously declining despite the fact that buying has become more affordable than renting in recent years. This decline has been mostly attributed to an increase in the required deposit size and closing fees. In fact, the average deposit needed on a property purchase has doubled in the last decade. Other costs of home buying have gone up as well, including estate agent fees and stamp duties.


All this has led to affordability gains for investors looking for a cheap UK property relative to renters, especially in the past three years. Average mortgage payments have also declined dramatically because of falling mortgage rates and house prices. Conversely, rents have steadily been rising with a strong demand for rental accommodations. Despite the improvements in affordability in home buying, the number of new purchasers is continuing to fall. This has been further fueled by the widespread uncertainty of the UK economy.


Cheap UK Property

Cheap UK Property

If you are looking for a cheap UK property, there are several guidelines to follow that can make your search more productive. The first step for any property investor or buyer is to research their local market as carefully as possible. It’s important to understand all of the potential benefits, as well as any risks. If it’s for investment purposes, compare whether your funds may be better placed in a money market or savings plan that yields an acceptable return. Also, even if you do find a cheap UK property, you’ll want to determine its potential saleability later on.


Shop around to find the best possible mortgage. Nowadays, banks and building societies have become very competitive due to less housing demand. If you are uncertain about mortgage negotiation, you may be well advised to consult with a mortgage specialist. Also, keep in mind that almost all listed properties can be purchased for a price less than their initial offering. This is especially the case in a tough housing market. Therefore, make the lowest offer and never get talked into paying more than your desired amount.


Learn to identify property repossessions, as this can save you a lot of money. For example, many auctions include distressed properties that are being liquidated by lending institutions such as a bank. At any given time there are thousands of available properties being auctioned across the UK. Have a clear understanding of how property auctions work before deciding to purchase. This knowledge can help you to find a cheap UK property that closely matches your criteria.

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Finding the Best Property Investment in the UK

The first thing that one must consider is what type of property they desire to invest in. There are three basic types of property that most investors will focus on:

Commercial Property: These are properties that are designed for purchase or rental wherein businesses can be located and operated. They generally have expansive space and are located in high-traffic areas.

Rental Properties: These are best defined as apartments and condos, wherein a person investing in these properties will turn around and rent out the housing on the land in order to turn a profit.

Investment Property UK

Investment Property UK

General Property: This is property wherein houses can be built or are already located.

Though you have many options available to you in order to find the very best properties in the UK that you can invest in, the first thing you should do is sit down and determine what type of property you want to acquire. Considering the above options you should narrow down these ideas and choose the best possible one based on your specific needs and investment plan.

Formulating a budget is also very important. You must have an idea of how much money you have available to you when it comes to purchasing these properties. You may even want to speak to a trained accountant so that you can obtain an accurate calculation of the amount of money you truly have available to you.

Once you have your budget in place and an investment property type in mind, you will then need to focus on those properties that meet your needs. There are two ways that you can go about this process.

There are many websites that are dedicated to providing individuals within the UK immediate access to the very best properties in the country. These websites are automated and allow you to enter in specific information about the type of property that you desire to obtain along with your budget. After providing these websites with this information you will be presented with a list of those investment properties that meet your criteria.

Another route you can take is seeking out a trained estate agent. You can employ this type of professional and provide them with the details of the type of investment you plan on making and the type of property that you want to acquire. These professionals will then work on your behalf to find the best property that will truly meet your needs.

If you keep the above information in mind you will have little difficulty in securing the very best investment properties in the UK that meet all of your needs.

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How to Find The Best Commercial Property in the UK

Your budget is going to be one of the main things that you should focus on. You must sit down with a trained professional that understands how to properly budget. From there you will need to determine how much you have available to you when it comes to the rental of commercial property in the UK.

When considering this budget also be certain to consider the cost of water, power, and other like utilities that you will have to manage to keep your place of business running once you obtain a commercial property.

The first thing to consider is location. You must choose a property that is located in a busy area wherein you believe your business will thrive. This is by and far one of the most important elements you will want to focus on. You will want to consider where your customers will come from and where the best options are to base your company.

Commercial Property UK

Commercial Property UK

The next thing to focus on is size. Based on the type of company that you are starting or moving you will want to be certain that you are obtaining commercial property that is going to be capable of meeting your needs. This may require you to conduct a great deal of research. You will also want to be certain not to focus on sizes that are put in writing. You must also visit each of the locations that meet your needs to ensure that the size and space is truly what you are looking for.

Before committing to any commercial property rental you will want to be certain to have the building inspected by a professional. That way you can be certain that the property is safe and up to code and UK building standards.

In order to find the best commercial properties in the UK you should consider employing a professional estate agent. An estate agent can assist you in the research process. They can find the best properties in the UK that meet your needs and can then set up meetings for you in order to visit these locations. An estate agent may also be capable of saving you money in the process.

The more time that you invest in research, and the more time that you spend focusing on a professional estate agent that specializes in commercial properties, the better your chances will be at finding the best place for your business. Just make sure that you focus on the information detailed above and take your time. Don’t rush into making decisions and you will quickly find the best commercial property at the lowest possible price.

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Property Letting in the UK


London is the hottest letting market in the UK. An astounding 45 percent of housing is let in London, according to Rightmove, a company that churns out data on letting. The average let payment is now at £1,102 per month, which is a 1 percent jump from October, according to LSL Property Services.


Data shows that let property is booming in the big cities of the UK. For example, four of every 10 homes in Westminster are not owned by the occupier but are rented.


Studies show that, on average, buy to let properties yield a 7 percent return annually for investors. That beats interest payments from High Street savings accounts by a mile.


As a result of these numbers, more people are seeing buy to let property as a good investment in a slow economy. The question that arises for first-time buyers to let investors is this: What kind of property should I buy?


Phil Spencer, the host of the popular reality show “Location, Location, Location,” says that he follows two rules:


Let Property UK

Let Property UK

1. Buy in a place you’re familiar with.


2. Know the tenant you want.



Spencer said that you’re more likely to make a wise decision if you buy in an area that you’re familiar with. People understand the housing market better in an area they know well.


The next decision involves choosing the type of person you want to rent the property. Families, couples and professionals are all good choices. These people are stable and pay their bills.


Spencer said that he targets young professionals in London. Hundreds of thousands of new graduates make their way to London each year to seek out employment. During their university studies, these people live together with other friends and have a desire to continue that living arrangement, Spencer said. For that reason, he buys Victorian houses with three bedrooms. Then he remodels an additional room and turns it into a bedroom. Now the home can be let to four sharers.


Tommy Walsh, the peppy builder in “Ground Force,” has been involved in buy to let schemes for nearly 25 years. He said that modern homes tend to let more quickly and with higher rents than older properties.


He urged investors to stay away from property that has structural problems because fixing those defects can eat into investment cash. Walsh said that he manages his own investment portfolio and avoids letting managers.


He advised let property owners to deal with tenants efficiently. Arrange with the tenant a direct debit deposit on the due date, maintain credit checks and return deposits only when all details of the let are met.


Finally, he suggested that let owners charge a tad less for rent than the established rate. This acts as leverage to secure long-term leases that provides financial security to the property owner.

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How to Conduct a UK Property Search

You must put a plan in action that begins with the proper research. It is important that you sit down and compile a detailed list of those elements that you are hoping to obtain in your new home. Begin by focusing on the following attributes:

uk property search

UK Property Search

1. Do you want to rent or buy a property?


2. What type of budget are you working with when it comes to cost?


3. Where do you want your new home or apartment to be located?


4. What type of amenities do you require in your new home? (Example: Central air,

a pool, dishwasher, etc.)


5. How many rooms do you require in your home and what size?


Once you have answered these questions you will be ready to begin a UK property search. There are two ways that you can go about this.


Option 1: Conduct your own UK property search online using an automated system.


Option 2: Employ the services of an estate agent to assist you with your property search.


Don’t make the mistake of attempting to execute a property search by making use of local papers or like resources. In doing so, you will generally end up wasting your time and ultimately your money. You will also not be capable of finding all available properties in the area wherein you are hoping to move.

You should begin by considering Option 1 and make use of an online automated system. You want to use these types of resources to quickly discover which properties are available to you in your prospective area that meet your needs.

These automated systems are very simple to use. They generally ask you to enter basic details such as the number of rooms you are looking for, the amount of money you are willing to spend, the area you want to move to, and the amenities that you are looking for. The system will then provide you with a pretty detailed list of those properties that meet your needs and standards.

However, if you want to speed up the process even more and ensure that you are going to be capable of gaining access to the very best properties in your area, you should consider making use of both Option 1 and Option 2. By hiring an estate agent you will very quickly be able to compile an effective list of those properties in your area that fall within your budget and will make the perfect home.

If you truly want to be certain that your UK property search is conducted flawlessly and that you are not wasting your time in the process, then you should definitely consider the simple information above.

By Furkat Elmirzaev

Three Ways to Acquire Property in London UK


First Method: Traditional Real Estate Agents


The most traditional method individuals turn to when trying to find property in London UK is found with the use of real estate agents. These individuals have access to a wide variety of information that can help you in identifying the best home or commercial property to meet your needs. This is a more traditional method many individuals use since they want to find someone else who will conduct the work on their behalf and provide them with a list of potential investments. Keep in mind; this is often a market of high competition so the utilization of real estate agents will only give you access to potential properties available to everyone.


Second Method: Extensive Search Methods


The second method that requires more effort on the part of the potential investor for property in London UK can be found with extensive search methods. With this method an individual is going outside of the traditional real estate agent and finding their own solutions for identifying potential properties. For example, when you are looking to invest in a home, it may be advisable to contact individuals currently renting homes since these individuals may not have made the rental decision by choice. If a commercial property is advertising a going out of business sale, this may be the result of being unable to afford their property. This represents an investment opportunity for you to access before this property becomes available to all.


Property London UK

Property London UK

Third Method: Property Auctions


The third method an individual can take advantage of for finding a quality home or commercial property at a reasonable value can be found with property auctions. These auctions often feature homeowners that are either trying to sell their home at the highest value possible or properties that have been reclaimed by banks. It is important to recognize these auctions can vary in location as well as popularity, so your options for finding success through auctions can depend on these factors. If you choose the most popular auction available you will have a greater selection of properties but also a higher-level of competition.


Finding a new home or commercial property can be difficult when the market is either increasing in value or has a limited supply. Taking advantage of real estate agents can help you in determining the existing properties available for sale. Extended search methods help you to think outside of the box and find properties that may not be on the market yet. Finally, the use of property auctions represent a new opportunity for finding property in London UK where you can potentially save money and find high-value resources.

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Things To Consider When You Want To Rent Property in the UK

If you want to ensure your success and want to be certain you are making the very best decision when obtaining a rental property then you should adhere to the effective and proven advice featured herein. This information has assisted countless individuals in finding the best rental properties in the UK at the best possible prices.

The process of finding a rental property should begin by determining what your rental options are. This is best done by simply conducting some simple online research. You will most likely want to make use of an automated system that allows you to enter the location you desire to move to, the number of rooms you desire to obtain, and the amount of rent that you are capable of paying. These automated systems will then present you with a listing of those properties in the UK that meet your qualifications.

You may also want to consider hiring a professional estate agent. These agents are capable of working with you based on your specific needs to ensure that you are capable of finding the best property available to you. It should also be noted that many people that are renting their homes or that have apartments for rent don’t list them publicly. They instead work with estate agents.

Rent Property in the UK

Rent Property in the UK

Therefore if you want to ensure you are acquiring access to a complete list of properties available to you then you will want to make use of both the internet and a professional estate agent in your area.

Finding the right estate agent is also very important. You should conduct online research to narrow down your options. You will want to focus on reputation and the cost they charge for their services. By making use of the Internet to narrow down and compare these professionals to one another, you will have little difficulty in finding a professional estate agent that will be able to assist you in finding the best rental property in the UK.

As you begin finding options that you believe meet your needs, you should visit these rental properties in person to determine if they truly have what you are looking for. Additionally, as you will be renting these locations you will want to determine what responsibilities fall to the owner and which ones fall to you when it comes to repairs or damage that occurs while you are living there.

Also be certain to focus on the monthly rental price, the amount of the deposit you will be required to lay down, and any other expenses that you may be responsible for. That way you can gain an accurate idea as to how much money you will be spending each month on these rental properties.

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