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1. Many once desirable suburbs surrounding major towns and cities in the UK are in a crisis of neglect with increasing crime and a breakdown of the community. The key indicators are unclean streets, homes, gardens, old cars, broken streetlights and signs, boarded-up shops, a few local services, high crime rates and flat property prices.

2. Find out if the area is particular prone to increment weather and natural disasters such as floods or drought. You should be aware of buying a property in the UK near a river or in a flood plain.

3. Noise is a big issue in the cities in the UK. A lot of people are affected by noise, especially in London. It can be difficult to live in a flat, terraced or semi-detached houses in the UK.

4. If you are going to live in the UK, you should check if your area falls within close proximity to tourist attractions. Tourist areas in the UK are flooded with tourists in summer.

5. If you decide to live in the UK countryside then you will have to deal with poor public transport, a few local shops, restaurants or local services. Also it will be difficult to find a job near your home in the UK countryside.

6. If there is a possibility that you may need to move in a few years time, you should rent or buy a property in the UK that will be easy to sell.

7. The quality of state schools is one of the key considerations for someone who has kids. Many people pay a lot of money to live in the catchment area of a good reputable local state school.

Location Location Location

Location Location Location

8. Public transportation is another key consideration.

9. In some areas it is necessity to have a secure car parking.

10. Check quality of local health services.

11. Check shopping facilities near your future home.

12. Check the distance and quality of local sports and leisure centres.

13. Always look out for crime rates in the chosen area.

14. You also need to find out if there is a reliable broadband internet connection in the area.

Finally, find out if you can sell your future house within three months.

By Furkat Elmirzaev