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How Fast Can You Sell A House?

How to make your home more valuable and sell fast?

Staging is a process most people in need to sell their house fast are familiar with. The process basically requires you to prepare your home in such a way as to attract the viewers. The process is known for positive results and it helps in assuring quick house sale. Moreover, if done in the right manner, staging can help in increasing the overall value of your house by a margin.

Sell My House Quick

Sell My House Quick

How do I sell my property quickly?

You need to get familiar with the concept of de-cluttering. Remember that in order to attract a variety of different buyers you need to make sure not to personalize. Consider the following as help in the process of de-cluttering:

  • Start off by getting rid of all the additional items which have been accumulated in every other corner. You can store it in some other place or give away to a friend or so.
  • You should offer people the opportunity to envisage the property as their own. They need capacity of imagination in the house in order to help them in picturing living there. Don’t make it difficult for them but in fact try giving them the very best of creativity space.
  • Try not to make the house look like a hotel. Your house should have some personality. There are many unimaginative buyers out there as well who would require help in with the imagination and this will help in getting the ideas flowing.
  • People are generally not looking for the right kind of property rather they are more interested in a specific kinds of lifestyles. You must exhibit the attractive aspects of your lifestyle while residing in that particular property.
  • You should consider eliminating any furniture of bulk kind from your house as these tend to make the room appear small but replacing the furniture with smaller kind will have a better impact on the viewer.

How to sell my house fast by a fresh paint?

Painting the walls might bring out the best version of your house. No one wants to pay more for an old looking house. Every individual is looking for the latest versions in order to make them their own. However painting your house would require you to keep a few things in mind such as:

  • It is better for you to choose a neutral paint for the walls in order to play it safe. A neutral offers a lighter and bigger feel to the house and you reduce the risk of putting the viewer off by a color they might dislike.
  • A new paint will help the viewers in imagining the way they want to adapt the different rooms in accordance with their needs and wants.
  • A good plus point of a fresh paint is that they buyers will no longer feel the need to delay the buying process as you would have saved them a lot of time by painting the walls neutral.
  • You can offer a good first impression to the viewers by painting your front door. However the same rule does not apply in terms of the front door. The door has to attract the buyer in which requires it to be of a bright colored paint.

How to sell my house quick through fixing and cleaning?

Of course you have to go through the process of fixing things before you start inviting potential buyers. Don’t think about letting things go just because you’re looking to sell the house. Your loss of interest in the house will be reflected through its conditions due to which it is always advised to keep the house constantly clean. You don’t want people to ruin their imagination and lose interest in the house simply because of dust.

Make sure to get the minor repairs done which are the most important ones such as the holes in your walls and the cracked tiles. These offer a really bad look to the entire setting. Same is the case with broken door knobs and threadbare carpets. There are many buyers who are in haste and are in search of houses that do not require many changes. Make this happen for them.

You must make everything and literally every little detail of your house sparkle. You will notice that the rapid results will totally be worth the effort you put in. You have to eliminate lime scale from the house by cleaning and repairing tile grout and through waxing of wooden floors. Try to remove all kinds of odors and hang fresh towels up. This offers a rather clean and fresh outlook. Dirty and old towels can make the worst of impressions. The general appeal of the house will be uplifted through such a process.

Don’t forget your garden. You must tidy it up as well but cutting the bushes back and through cleaning of the patio and other lichen furniture. Make sure there is not dirt and the grass is well cut. Though this will not increase the overall value but it is bound to increase your chances of selling the house more quickly by helping the visualization of viewers.

Updating the kitchen to make a fast sale

The kitchen is considered the most valuable space in your entire house. The square per foot worth is highest of your kitchen and it has the potential of making the most difference in situations of buyer confusions. You should definitely consider the option of re-facing the cabinetry in your kitchen. The entire process will be cost effective as well as it is cheaper than getting a new cabinetry installed.

The process of upgrading your kitchen’s counter tops can be expensive but it will add a lot of value to your house.

You should consider de-cluttering the entire surface and leaving only a bowl of fruit out in order to create space. Make sure to remove all bulky appliances.

The plumbing fixtures should most definitely be upgraded if it is in your budget. Though you should bear in mind the fact that these fixtures will help in increasing the overall house value but they might cost you the same as before.

Making the House Light and Airy to Speed Sales

Brighter and bigger feelings are known to sell more. Things like wall mirrors tend to make rooms appear lighter and bigger in size. You should consider putting a few mirrors up for this purpose in your hallways or rooms of smaller sizes.

There is definite need to clean the windows inside out. You must remember to replace any broken tube lights or bulbs. Light and airy feelings will make the entire property look more attractive to the buyer. Make sure not to leave anything appear gloomy and dark. Keep lamps in the dark corners of the house to maintain the light feel at all times. A warm glow can be created in the bathroom simply by placing a soft lamp.

Making the house look pretty

The house doesn’t have to look like a hotel but the general appearance has to be taken care of which includes curtains or blinds on the windows. Generally naked windows offer an impersonal touch to the entire place which might create disruption in the imagination of your potential buyer. You can even consider purchasing some cheap ones if needed. Bring color and beauty to the house through plants and flowers. Moreover a delicious smell will also spread.  The fruit bowl in your kitchen is placed for the very same reason.

 Getting the right smells

There is no bigger turn off for your future buyers than bad smells from anywhere in the house. You must not try to cover these smells up but focus on fixing the source. You can start off from washing of bins and clearing of drains and move up to getting rid of any furniture with embedded with old smells and old bed sheets etc.

In case you are a smoker then it is highly advisable that your place vinegar bowls around the house for at least three days. The vinegar has the potential of taking the stale smell of cigarettes leave along with its natural smell.

On the other hand, good scents tend to create an alluring feeling for the home. Brewing fresh coffee tend to help in this matter.


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